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Andy Warner-Simpson is the head photographer at A S Photography. His love and passion for photography is what started it all at A S Photography Studios. With a passion for all areas of people photography including Newborn Portraits and creative wedding photography

Izzy and Simon’s Humanist wedding in pictures Oxfordshire gardens….

izzy-simon-77.jpgizzy-simon-71.jpgizzy-simon-67.jpgizzy-simon-64.jpgizzy-simon-34.jpgizzy-simon-98.jpgizzy-simon-89.jpgizzy-simon-108.jpgizzy-simon-111.jpgizzy-simon-99.jpgizzy-simon-122.jpgizzy-simon-132.jpgizzy-simon-141.jpgizzy-simon-153.jpgizzy-simon-170.jpgizzy-simon-176.jpgizzy-simon-181.jpgizzy-simon-185.jpgizzy-simon-191.jpgizzy-simon-195.jpgizzy-simon-216.jpgizzy-simon-228.jpgizzy-simon-233.jpgizzy-simon-252.jpgizzy-simon-265.jpgizzy-simon-269.jpgizzy-simon-296.jpgizzy-simon-324.jpgizzy-simon-386.jpgizzy-simon-418.jpgizzy-simon-425.jpgizzy-simon-442.jpgizzy-simon-458.jpgizzy-simon-468.jpgizzy-simon-489.jpgizzy-simon-508.jpgizzy-simon-514.jpgizzy-simon-525.jpgizzy-simon-43.jpgizzy-simon-562.jpgizzy-simon-52.jpgizzy-simon-556.jpgizzy-simon-666.jpgizzy-simon-668.jpgizzy-simon-672.jpgizzy-simon-687.jpgASP_2098 copy.JPGizzy-simon-745.jpgizzy-simon-6.jpgizzy-simon-707.jpgizzy-simon-713.jpgizzy-simon-716.jpgizzy-simon-723.jpgizzy-simon-729.jpgizzy-simon-765.jpg
Izzy and Simon’s wedding was a truly unique one with the ceremony taking place is beautiful privert gardens in Oxfordshire. Being a humanist ceremony anything goes and the whole event was tailor made to reflect exactly who they are. Here are just a few of the photos from this amazing day…



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Some new stationery for A S Photography from

Being in a visual based industry and being a little picky when it comes to printing, finding good quality business stationary can be really hard. I find myself shopping around allot and this time i tried I don’t often do “reviews” but the guys at fast print asked me if i could let them know my thoughts about the products so i decided to oblige with a little blog.

For this print run i needed some simple flyers  for one of my partners, some business  cards and some labels for  our little Usb boxes.

USB box labels ( stickers)

Honestly i don’t think our very basic design does these products much justice as it really is plain; however stuck on the USB box they really look great. They arrived on the biggest roll of stickers i have ever seen and as with all of the items very well packaged. I really can’t fault these stickers they are really well made, stick well and look great.

ASP_8171 ASP_8174 ASP_8178

A5 Flyers/Postcards

These 300 GSM postcards have a real feel of quailty. They really are some of the best postcards I have ever had printed. The biggest problem i have with flyer printing is the issue with the colours in my photos. These are just perfect and everything is exactly how i want it to look. The print quality while (as you would expect) is not that of a printed photo it is easily some of the best I have seen from a large run printer like this.

ASP_8182 ASP_8183ASP_8186






Business Cards.

These cards a very similar to the post cards and again have a great feeling of quality. The printing is crisp and clear on the lettering (despite me designing in photoshop which any designer would tell you is a big no no for text. The photos yet again look great and they are sharp with perfect colour.

ASP_8188 ASP_8190 ASP_8198





Over all I am really pleased with the results from fast print. The price was great, the quality some of the best I have seen and they arrived fast and well packaged. Highly recommend – I will sure be using them again.


A S Photography



















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Scott and Catherine’s Beautiful wedding at Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire…

Here are a few images taken from Scott and Catherine’s big day at the stunning Notley Abbey.




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Emma & Doyle’s Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at Mercure Milton Keynes Abbey Hill…

Over the years Mecure Milton Keynes Abbey Hill has made some big changes making into a beautiful wedding venue right in the heart of Milton Keynes. One of these big changes is the ability to now have outdoor wedding ceremony’s over looking the lovely golf course views.  Emma & Doyle’s big day was my first chance to work with this new feature and despite it being a windy day it certainly didn’t disappointed. Here is a selection of images from the day.






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Wedding Photography Dodmoor House Northamptonshire – Adam & Louise

This wedding really made me feel like the summer is finally here. It was a beautiful day at the stunning Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire. I know Adam & Louise well having had them in the studio many times now for baby & family photos and having met them many years before so I was really looking forward to this wedding. It really was a perfect day with a relaxed feel and some beautiful little touches. Not to forget the lovely warm sun we had all day. Here are a small selection of images we took on this lovely day. For more details on our wedding photography please visit the Main Wedding Photography Page





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Not all Portrait photography has to be the same – A guide to booking a portrait photographer by A S Photography Milton Keynes

Over the last 10 years portrait photography studios have been popping up all over the UK. The accessibility of digital photography has created a wave of new photographers and plenty of choice for consumers. The problem is it is really hard to tell the good from the bad and with photography being an art form often no right or wrong really exist and is very much a subjective matter.

So just how do you choose a portrait photographer?

Photographers Style

A photographers style is one of the most subjective conversations you can have. Almost all experienced photographers will have a style and finding a photographer who’s style you truly love is a big part of the booking process. The one thing to remember is not all portrait photography has to be the same. With the above mentioned influx of photographers around the UK over the last decade a standard style seems to have emerged involving bright white backgrounds and very basic lighting setups. This style was created for mass market photography with little or no input needed from the photographer. Many big name studios will take new photographers and give them only a few days training before sending them out into a studio ready for the public. Of course for some this style may be perfect and a handful of photographers can work with this style with great effect however you do have a choice and this “High Key” style does not have to be the go to for a modern portrait photography

A S Photography thrive on a bespoke service. We want each shoot to be individual and the use of creative lighting, textured backdrops and traditional camera craft is how we aim to provide this. Custom props can also be introduced to create sets and poses that are 100% unique showing personalty and individuality in every image.

Newborn Photography with Siblings

Textured backgrounds, natural lighting and good posing. Just some of the things that make up A S Photography’s style

Experience and Qualifications

Portrait photography as a whole is very much ungoverned. This means you can set up a business and provide portrait photography to the public with little experience and no qualifications. Some of the very best photographers around have had no formal training and are solely self taught. That does not mean that qualifications can not give you piece of mind and several organizations exist with an aim to provide training and set a standard code of conduct for photographers to adder to. A S Photography are qualified members of the “Society Of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP)” and “The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association (BANPAS)”. We fully believe in the benefits on these organization which encourage us to be the very best at what we do.



Child & Baby Safety

The safety of babies and children should always be the top priority. Often photographers will out babies at risk in order to get a great shot. The truth is no image is ever worth risking a child’s safety over. Asking a photographer what safety procedures they take should be a vital part of the booking process especially when props are being used or newborns are being posed. Many of the images you see on the A S Photography website are made using “composite images”, this is when 2 or more images are used to create a pose meaning the baby is safely supported at all times. The BANPAS promotes safe working practices and its main aim is to educate both photographers and parents to the use of basic safety procedures such as composite images.


An Example of how A S Photography use composite images for baby safty.


We all love a bargain right? For that reason it is tempting for people to search out the cheapest deal when it comes to portrait photography, as with many things however you really do get what you pay for. Running a photography business is expensive. Business overheads are high, equipment expensive and if a photographer is ever going to improve training and qualifications cost money. And while for most photographers it is a labour of love photographers still need to make a living on top.

Some baby shoots can last up to 4 or even 5 hours plus the time spent planning the shoot and editing the images. This investment of time means you get the very best results and can still focus on safe and comfortable working conditions.

By picking the cheapest photographer you are most likely lacking on experience, skill, service or maybe even all of the above. That is not to say you cant find good value however style and experience should always come first. Of course we all have a budget so why not chat with the photographer to find the best value package available. A S Photography offer a fully inclusive package including all images along with the chance to order wall art from the Pay as you go option. This means we can provide images for all reasonable budgets. An average customer spends around £350  with A S Photography and gets allot for the money at that price.



If you are going to sit in a studio with someone for 4 or more hours and put trust in them with a child its important you like them. Talk to the photographer, ask lots of questions no matter how silly they may sound and try and get to know them a little. For newborn photography it is always good to book during pregnancy so this gives plenty of time to arrange a meeting before hand to chat over how they work and get to know them a little.

A S Photography

With so many photographers to choose we hope all the info above can go a little way to helping you find the right one for you. A S Photography are one of the leading baby and newborn portrait studios in  Milton Keynes and have clients visit us from all over the UK. To find out a little ore about our style and how we work please visit the main site at or contact us on 01908 315 282 – email


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Raiseing Money for Milton Keynes Neonatal Unit –

Thomas having a cuddle with Mummy.

Thomas having a cuddle with Mummy.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!The recent premature Birth of our 3rd baby boy Thomas turned out to be not as smooth sailing as our previous 2. While the labor itself was lovely and natural his little lungs simply couldn’t cope on his own and he was taken into the Milton Keynes Neonatal Unit for the extra care he needed. This was the most upsetting and frightening time of our life. To see our tiny little baby being rushed away from us and placed in a chamber with tubes, wires and who knows what else was simply heartbreaking. The one and only thing that made the time Thomas spent in the NNU bearable was the amazing care the team gave Thomas from start to finish. With beeping machines, tube feeding and many sleepless nights of worry the NNU kept us informed ad reassured from start to finish. His full recovery is down to them and without that care who knows what could have happened.


Thomas is now 4 weeks old , has gained a whopping 2.5 lb (well done mummy for that) and is as strong as can be. Nothing we can say or do can truly thank the team on the NNU but we want to give just a little back and have decided to run a little fund raiser.



We would like to offer  an A S Photography baby or newborn photoshoot of up to 3 hours in the studio (normally £80) and a free 9×6 print (normally £40) for only £25 with 100% of the profits* going to Milton Keynes NNU. Not only are you getting a massive discount on the shoot but also donating towards this amazing cause.

To book please call 01908 315282 or email Or claim via facebook

For those not looking for a portrait session you can still sponsor A S Photography and raise more funds for this amazing charity. JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


Includes up to 3 hours studio time at A S Photography Studios Milton Keynes, 13a Stratford Road, MK125LJ. 9×6 inch print make be of the customers choice. No cash or credit alternative available. All profits from the sale of this offer will be donated to Milton Keynes Neonatal Unit with a min donation of £20 per booking. This may not include further print or product sales. Appointments are subject to availability and must be pre booked.

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A S Photography gift vouchers – The perfect gift this Christmas

LOGOxmas copy

It really is beginning to look alot like Christmas  here at A S Photography Studios. Many of our shoots this time of year are to provide gifts for friends and family. A print or piece of wall art can make an amazing gift however many of us would rather others enjoyed the benefits of  an A S Photography Studio session for themselves rather than sending a print. That is why we have the A S Photography Gift Vouchers.


For only £15 you can give a loved one the gift of an exciting A S Photography studio experience. These vouchers not only include the time and skill of the photographer but also a 9×6 inch print. Whats even better is they are available now at 3 for 2.

Thats right get 3 gifts this Christmas that friends and family will truly love for only £30


Order Here

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Wedding Photography Horwood House Milton Keynes … Maxine & Neil

Horwood house truly is one of our favorite venues in Milton Keynes and as the hotels recommended photographer we are very lucky to have the pleasure of shooting many weddings at this beautiful venue. Maxine and Neils wedding was no exception and we had a wonderful day. Here are just a few of the shots taken.



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A Headshot session with a difference…

Danny came to me after some clean headshots for his agent. You know the typical actors headshot that ever actor needs. However it ended up with a twist making the most out of his skills as a fire performer / Fire breather. I cant say I have ever done any fire breathing photography before but I had a few things in mind. With a quick trip out to a location very close to the studio we got the fire shots. This is a great way to show 2 very different looks.

Simply put, fire breathing is very cool and i had loads of fun shooting this.


Fire breathing photography

Danny Fire Breathing Photography

Headshot Photography

Dannys Headshot

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