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Andy Warner-Simpson is the head photographer at A S Photography. His love and passion for photography is what started it all at A S Photography Studios. With a passion for all areas of people photography including Newborn Portraits and creative wedding photography

Steve & Jenny – Newport Pagnell Church & Flaxbourne Gardens

The sun was shining down on us for Steve & Jennys wedding this summer. My gosh it was hot. The wedding took place in the church of my home town Newport Pagnell so this was lovely to go back to for the first time in over a year. Following the church we made our way other to a truly beautiful Marquee reception venue set amongst three acres of beautiful garden  in Aspley Guise, Flaxbourne Gardens. Here are a few of the shots from the day.



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A S Photography Portrait Giveaway – Who do you nominate.

At A S Photography we truly believe that the very best part of being in the photography business is the people we meet. Each day we get to meet people from all walks of life and hear about who they are and what they do. Occasionally we also hear story’s of hardship and during hard times we love being able to do everything we can to help and that is why we have decided to give a little back to the amazing people Of Milton Keynes by doing what we know best. Creating them some truly beautiful images to treasure.

We would like to offer 1 family or individual each month, the chance to forget about their troubles and create some amazing photos of themselves, family’s or children. This is why we need everyones help, we would like you to nominate a person or family who you believe truly deserves a free photo shoot.

To nominate a family or individual simply contact us via Email  at or via our Facebook Page Here.

Please give us a reason why you feel they need a free shoot and a little background information on who they are and what is unique about them.Dont forget to provide us with an email address so we can contact you if the nomination is selected.

Each month A S Photography will then pick one of these nominations to get a free photoshoot including all the image taken.

A S Photography would like to thank all customers, past, present and future for all the support and confidence you have given us that has made  A S Photography the premiere portrait studio in Milton Keynes and this is just a tiny way to give something back to the local charity.

So get in contact now. Who do you nominate?

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Newborn Photography Milton Keynes

For full details on A S Photography newborn packages please vist the Newborn Photography Page.



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Society Of Wedding & Portrait Photographers Award.

swppsmallWe Are very pleased to announce that head photographer Andy was today awarded a Licenstiateship in Photography (LSWPP) from the Society Of Wedding & Portrait Photographers. To gain this award photographers must have a panel of 20 images scrutinized by 5 of the most experienced photographers in the UK and below is the panel of work that won Andy this amazing qualification. Booking a photographer with such qualifications can really help you feel assured you are in great hands and hopefully can provide our clients with one more reason to be confident in A S Photography.


A S Photography 001.jpgA S Photography 002.jpgA S Photography 003.jpgA S Photography 004.jpgA S Photography 005.jpgA S Photography 006.jpgA S Photography 007.jpgA S Photography 008.jpgA S Photography 009.jpgA S Photography 010.jpgA S Photography 011.jpgA S Photography 012.jpgA S Photography 013.jpgA S Photography 014.jpgA S Photography 015.jpgA S Photography 016.jpgA S Photography 017.jpgA S Photography 018.jpgA S Photography 019.jpgA S Photography 020.jpg


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Newborn Photography Safety

At A S Photography Newborn and Baby Safety is always the very first priority. For this reason we often use a trick or 2 to get amazing poses without the risk of any injury to the baby. Here is a little incite into a little trick we use. If Ever There’s a Reason to book an experienced newborn photographer then safety has to be NO.1.


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Liz & Richard – Wedding Photography at Horwood House Milton Keynes…

asphotography-liz-rich-170514 002.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 011.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 024.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 042.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 050.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 063.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 079.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 088.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 092.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 098.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 114.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 116.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 121.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 132.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 135.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 153.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 159.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 200.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 224.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 241.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 296.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 302.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 310.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 324.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 333.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 341.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 349.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 357.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 358.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 360.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 369.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 378.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 381.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 395.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 410.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 437.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 438.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 467.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 492.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 500.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 502.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 508.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 511.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 520.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 523.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 524.jpgasphotography-liz-rich-170514 562.jpg

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Richard & Rebecca….A pleasure to be part of such a lovely day…. Fawsley Hall


the-pickles-wedding-25  the-pickles-wedding-29 the-pickles-wedding-31 the-pickles-wedding-41 the-pickles-wedding-46  the-pickles-wedding-101  the-pickles-wedding-140 the-pickles-wedding-143 the-pickles-wedding-147 the-pickles-wedding-154 the-pickles-wedding-157 the-pickles-wedding-167 the-pickles-wedding-169 the-pickles-wedding-179 the-pickles-wedding-225 the-pickles-wedding-270 the-pickles-wedding-284 the-pickles-wedding-289 the-pickles-wedding-293 the-pickles-wedding-304 the-pickles-wedding-309 the-pickles-wedding-329 the-pickles-wedding-340 the-pickles-wedding-344 the-pickles-wedding-387 the-pickles-wedding-389 the-pickles-wedding-393 the-pickles-wedding-401 the-pickles-wedding-407

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Wedding Photography – Matt & Jenny – Horwood house – 2014

Wedding photography, Milton keynes

Wedding photography, Milton keynes

Matt-Jenny-09 Matt-Jenny-16 Matt-Jenny-19 Matt-Jenny-21 Matt-Jenny-24 Matt-Jenny-39 Matt-Jenny-50 Matt-Jenny-58 Matt-Jenny-73 Matt-Jenny-78 Matt-Jenny-84 Matt-Jenny-88 Matt-Jenny-94 Matt-Jenny-105 Matt-Jenny-109 Matt-Jenny-118 Matt-Jenny-126 Matt-Jenny-131 Matt-Jenny-135 Matt-Jenny-145 Matt-Jenny-160 Matt-Jenny-165 Matt-Jenny-188 Matt-Jenny-217 Matt-Jenny-251 Matt-Jenny-261 Matt-Jenny-271 Matt-Jenny-274 Matt-Jenny-350 Matt-Jenny-352 Matt-Jenny-372 Matt-Jenny-375 Matt-Jenny-382 Matt-Jenny-411 Matt-Jenny-426


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Newborn Photography with the wonderful Seb!

Stylianou-100414-64 Stylianou-100414-60 Stylianou-100414-55 Stylianou-100414-49 Stylianou-100414-44 Stylianou-100414-20 Stylianou-100414-22 Stylianou-100414-26(1) Stylianou-100414-26 Stylianou-100414-40 Stylianou-100414-16 Stylianou-100414-14 Stylianou-100414-11 Stylianou-100414-08

newborn photography

newborn photography

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