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After shooting Lindsey’s brother’s wedding a long time ago, we were delighted to be asked to shoot Lindsey and Pete’s wedding! on NYE too. A genuinely lovely couple – we wish you all the success and look forward to seeing you soon. Zoe and Andy

REVIEW FROM THE LOVELY COUPLE: (on our facebook page – )

Deciding on a photographer for our wedding was the biggest decision we had to make! We wanted someone that made us feel comfortable and relaxed as it was our big day! Having scrolling through loads of photographer’s one after another it was really hard to choose who we wanted to take our pictures. Then I remembered that when my brother got married they had an amazing guy who was great fun and most of all their pictures where amazing! So I get in touch with Andy and Zoe to see if they are free for our date NYE – music to our ears they were! 🙂 From the moment we had our consolation we knew we had made the right choice! They are such an amazing couple and totally understood what we wanted and most of all we felt so at home with them like we had known them for years which was really important to us!! On the day Andy was like my fifth bridesmaid 🙂 really calming, relaxing and most of all great fun! As Andy will probably tell you we are all slightly crazy and a little nuts but he fitted right in – through to helping me with my dress, being on fringe watch to making sure everything was perfect for me! The pictures from our day are just perfect and captured every single second. Looking at them is like reliving our day over and over! I would highly recommend Andy and Zoe for your wedding they truly are the best! Thanks again guys! Lots of Love Mr & Mrs McCaffrey! xxxxxxx




At A.S Photography we often get asked ‘Do you do the white background stuff?….. Yes, we do…. but we prefer to be different, and all or clients are never disappointed when they see the results. We like to offer our clients a service and style unique to the norm……. we hope you like some of the examples below.

If you would like to book, please call us at our studio (high-street premise) on 0190oe8 315 282 to discuss.


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Sneak Previews of Some Newborn Sessions The Past Few Weeks….

A.S Photography are the leading Newborn Photographers in Buckinghamshire.

We feel very blessed to have so many newborns in our studio……… however this makes me and my wife broody, which should be impossible with two young boys ourselves…………..!!

We aim to capture the shots as early as we can, so we can pose sleepy babies…. read more on our upcoming blogs on Newborn Baby Photography sessions…..


Andy and Zoe

bby girl.jpgchloe.jpgedie.jpghenry 2.jpghenry.jpgjenson.jpgsisters.jpg




Family Portrait Photography Milton Keynes

Here is a mother and daughter portrait from one of this weeks shoots at A S Photography Studio Milton Keynes. A S Photography all inclusive portrait packages are a great way to capture family moments. Visit for more details.

Family Portait Studio Photography

Newborn Photography Milton Keynes – 4 day old Jenson…

So blogging has taken a back seat lately, for all the readers I am sorry. We transfered our website to a new host and lost a large amount of the blog so we really do need to get on it. For now i am going to post a few 1 image taster blogs. This will be a quick example of some of our favorite shoots and we aim to do this once a day (lets see how that goes over the busy half term next week…


Anyway, here is a quick shot of 4 day old Jenson. Despite being so young Jenson put up a good fight in getting to sleep and all he wanted to do was look around. As always we get it in the end and got some lovely shots. Here is one. Dont forget it is never to soon for newborn photography so why not get booked in during pregnancy. Call 01908 315282 for details.

4 day old baby

Milton Keynes Newborn Photography by A S Photography Studios


Capturing a newborn babies first professional photo can create some truly stunning shots and capture some special memories of the tiny new addition. At A S Photography we love newborn sessions and believe with good planning the results can be even better. Here is a quick guide / FAQ for parents thinking about booking an A S Photography Newborn Session.

When should I book my newborn portrait session?

The very best time to photograph a newborn is nice and early when they are around 5 – 10 days old. While the idea of being out and about with your new baby may seem daunting, A S Photography creates a safe and comfortable environment for both baby and parents. During this early time the baby is very flexible and able to curl up to create some beautiful poses. They also sleep very deeply meaning you can position the baby into some stunning sleepy baby scenes without the baby getting upset. After around 2 weeks these newborn style poses can get very difficult and often not at all possible so it is very important you book in right away.

It is a good idea to book a provisional session in for around the due date. Of course you can never predict exactly when the baby will arrive so put A S Photography on your call list for as soon as the baby arrives and we can book in a confirmed session. Some parents even call us from the hospital room to really make sure they get them lovely early baby shots.

How long will a session last?

A newborn session takes a minimum of 2 hours and at A S Photography we actually book out 3 – 4 hour slots to make sure we are never rushed.

Babies are unpredictable and extra time may be needed for feeding, changing and posing. Patients is the key here and if the baby is with us during the early period they will always settle and pose in the end no matter how long it takes. It is important to note that A S Photography is a 100% breast feeding friendly zone and you are welcome to feed your baby at anytime in anyway. If you would prefer some privacy just ask and the photographer will be happy to leave the room while you feed.

Newborn Photography

What will happen during the session?

A newborn session at A S Photography is a very calm and often relaxing experience. The photographer will take their time in getting the perfect photos of your baby. Much of the time will be spent with the photographer posing the baby and moving them into the perfect position. Don’t be afraid to let the photographer handle the baby as we are very experienced and safety is always the first priority. Most newborn shoots involve a naked baby and the use of props and blankets. The studio will be very warm with several heaters running, this is vital for a happy baby especially when we strip them down. With such a warm room you may find it very sweaty for both parents and photographer and I actually always say that if we are not sweating it is not hot enough for the baby.

With naked baby shots at some point during the session the baby will pee and poop on something. Do not worry it all cleans up and everything is washable. Nappy’s are ugly things and a bit of mess is worth it for the perfect shot.

Babies may cry. If a baby is crying, needs changing or wants a feed then that is absolutely fine. Don’t be afraid to feed the baby up and get them nice and full as this can really help send the baby off to sleep. For Breast fed babies once they are full it is often worth letting the photographer handle them as even a full baby may react to the smell of mums milk.

During the shoot the photographer will take a variety of poses and use a selection of sets and props. If you have anything you would like to include in the images please let us know and we would be happy to do so.

Newborn and sibling

Can parents and older siblings also be in the photos?

Everyone is more than welcome to be in a selection of shots and we tend to do a mixture of just baby and groups if desired. Please bare in mind that with a long newborn session brothers and sisters can get very bored so it may be a good idea to have someone along who can take them away for a while during the solo shots. This means we can maintain a calm environment and keep the little one relaxed at all times.

The key to a great newborn session is planning, patients and trust in your photographer. A S Photography have many years experience in Newborn photography and everything we do is tried and tested. As parents ourselves we truly understand the importance of these early days and capturing this time with an A S Photography Newborn session is a great way to remember this period.

If you are expecting a baby soon why not contact A S Photography now on 01908 315282 and we will be more than happy to book you in.